“I have been a beauty seeker all of my life” and this quest to capture a fleeting moment in time and transport it to a visual and emotional place in memory is my passion. This journey has fueled my travels through Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and America but gradually this passion has come to focus on the mystery and beauty of the human body itself. I guess it is only logical that I should have arrived here since I have spent all of my adult life as a physician in the study of the body and its exquisite functioning. I remain in awe of the masterpiece we live in.

My book “Humanlandscapes: Interpreting the Human Form” represents the expression of this journey toward beauty and is a lyrical tribute to the human body, the feminine, and the natural world. Seeing beauty, becomes a healing force, and this force infuses a special intensity to the images that emerge from the camera, creating an emotional tapestry and an unforgettable odyssey into the human experience.

Join this odyssey with me through my portfolio section and give my book as a gift to yourself or to someone you love. Explore with me the physical and spiritual parts of the self in their visual interpretation.

This elegant book was lovingly crafted by an Italian printer using traditional printing methods on custom paper. A gallery edition is also available.

P. Miller