“Golden Glow”–from the “Humanlandscapes Portfolio”

From the Humanlandscapes Portfolio

From the Humanlandscapes Portfolio

“Golden Glow” is an image used in my art book “Humanlandscapes.”  The mood I wished to capture is one of both softness and celebration. The celebration is in the beauty and sensuous parts of the body and spirit, and the softness is in the muted tones and vagueness of the figure lines. This studio image was made by photographing through a shear fabric cloth to allow the harsh lines to fade, and create the desired mood. The upright posture and arm position bring a feeling of strength and confidence to this person, showing that strength and softness are complimentary rather than opposites.  Of the many props I have used when photographing the human form, the use of fabrics–both shear and textured –has been helpful in controling the mood, and adding a touch of mystery and movement to a still image. Peter Crane’s poem that compliments this image speaks to the power of the feminine energy. “Touch me with the fire of the rising sun and I will dance forever in the splendor of its heat.”  YES!

P. Miller


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