Blue Figure – From the “Humanlandscapes” Portfolio


“I would like to be able to take a photo of a dream.” – Helene Cixous

This quote sets the tone for this photograph taken in a San Francisco studio. The image is dreamlike, indistinct, and fleeting, capturing the essence of our dreams. Close, yet out of reach, recognizable yet fuzzy, waiting at the edge of reality and fantasy to draw us ever closer to the elixir of beauty. This mood can be set in many ways, but this image –shot on film–was made using a light backdrop and a colored filter to give both a washing of light on the back and a silhouette affect on the lower body. Although I generally do not like images of the nude using soft focus, it is the only way that this image works to create the desired mood. A sharp focus just does not have the desired mood, even though the image is otherwise identical. The halo effect of the light reflection off of the light skin also adds to the dreamlike quality. In general, I prefer to photograph the body in the outdoors, but the ability to control light and backgrounds makes the studio a place to revert to when seeking simplicity.

P. Miller