Travel Photography-Havana, Cuba


The specter of complex history, decay, renewal, and survival all are woven into the tapestry that is modern day Cuba.  It is, of course, a unique blend of old and new, in some ways crippled yet  still standing, changing only slowly and painfully. Havana, the  capital, reflects all of the Cuban paradox with seductive beauty linked with spectacular decay and filled with gracious, generous, and passionate people. Despite its often worn look, it remains a beautiful and seductive place. A place to wander the streets in complete safety at all times of the day or night, and where everyone seems committed to helping you find whatever you are looking for. Havana has a population of 2.2 million, but seems much smaller, probably because the local people walk and bike to their destination, and walking the streets with them feels more like a small town atmosphere than like a large city. So land in the center of town and begin exploring the streets, squares, and shops to absorb the culture. If you need to take a “taxi” why not go in the little mobile egg known as coco-taxis and be closer to the action. Noisy, smelling of gasoline fumes, and racing each other to get there first, they are cheap and will haul two easily or three snugly. Large American cars from the 1950s roam the streets as well–in all their ancient glory, but the coco-taxis are more fun–at least during the day. Regular  taxis that are regulated by the government are available, but why go that way when there are fun alternatives?

P. Miller