Repose-From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

From the School House Gallery--Tres Piedras, NM“Repose” is the first of the images in the second section of my book ” Humanlandscapes-Interpreting the Human Form.” The second section is titled–In the realm of the Senses–and focuses on images that celebrate the body as sensual.

My lover touches me, warm hands caress my face and my skin responds with a thirst like a parched desert. I am always hungry for touch, for without touch, my body and spirit would wither, so I welcome it and return it with tenderness and hope. We have only to focus on this precious moment in time, and I savor it.”

“Repose” was taken at a fantastic and odd gallery in northern New Mexico outside of Taos at a place called Tres Piedras–a literal ” wide spot in the road.” The School House Gallery is one of a kind with rooms full of odd and wonderful art collections from Mexico and the Southwest USA. It is impossible to describe except that it is probably the most eclectic gallery in America. If you are ever in Northern NM, be sure and stop at this gallery and be amazed.  Carpets, rugs, masks, paintings, and three dimensional art, etc fill this large space in unexpected ways.

This image of Julie, reclining on a couch with a light cloth covering her body is the essence of sensuality, with the soft light from the window behind her,  bathing her in the afternoon light.  The backlighting is very effective here in creating a relaxed mood, and the soft natural light is perfect. If the back light is too strong, a slight fill flash can decrease the contrast and add texture to the shadow. If fill flash is used, however, you should set the flash compensation from 1.0-1.5 stops underexposed to prevent a visible washout of the shadow area.

I will continue to use images from ” In the Realm of the Senses” section for my next several posts.

P. Miller

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