Taos Waterfall- From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

A waterfall near Dixon and the Vivac Winery in New MexicoWith the image “Taos Waterfall” we return to rural New Mexico and the little town of Dixon, population 1,485. It lies off Route 68 and it is time to turn off the road and spend a little time there. The first thing you will see is a new winery-Vivac Winery. It is time to stop and do some local wine tasting. Treat yourself to a visual feast as well. Liliana Zavala Padberg has a mannequin portfolio that is stunning–one of them makes me happy every day by hanging in my home!

But there is more, as you can see from this image. In the Springtime, the small streams in the narrow canyons behind the town, gush with water, bringing new life to the desert. The cottonwoods and boulders sing with the song of nature in an unforgetable chorus and the warm sun smiles its approval. This image was taken there and celebrates the power and beauty of water. The water flow is turned to a white vail by the use of a long exposure time.

Don’t rush off, as there is much to see in the canyons of New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. Our tour has just begun.

P. Miller

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