P Miller’s collection of beautifully arranged photographs highten and highlight our senses and experiences of the human body, particularly the female form. The images are accompanied by insightful and thought-provoking prose. The black and white photographs especially have excellent balance of light and dark. The photographs and text flow effortlessly together and to each other.

This book stands out from the usual photography coffee table books in its exquisite presentation of the relations between the female body and nature.

P Miller's wonderful photographic essay of the female body November 6, 2007

Patrons may need a new, larger coffee table for this colossal enterprise – it’s a whopping 14.3 x 11.7 inches. And it’s as beautiful and flawlessly produced as it’s dimensions are big. Humanlandscapes is the collaboration of photographer, Dr. P. Miller and American poet, Peter Crane. Each of Miller’s photographs is accompanied by Crane’s flowing, poetic insights and together they orchestrate a beautiful symphony of flesh, form, and insight into the human condition.

Miller’s nudes are photographic studies of the naked, human form, shot in both color and black & white. Many of his photos are figure studies, with the female subject remaining anonymous. This leaves us to dwell on the incredible juxtaposition of line, texture, shape, and shadow created when Miller poses his models amidst the rugged terrain of the American West, where most of this work was created. Places like Escalante (UT), Crestone (CO), Taos (NM), Big Sur (CA), and Page (AZ) make their presence known throughout this work. The gorgeous scenery contributes as much to the enchantment as does the human element.

Humanlandscapes is a beautiful production packed full of gorgeous nudes shot in the natural splendor of America’s most sacred places. It’s obvious that an almost unimaginable amount of time and effort went into producing this magnificent work. Hopefully, Dr. Miller is satisfied that it was all worth it … as this is undoubtedly one of the finest book of nudes published in recent years.

A Masterful Sysnthesis of Human and Natural Beauty September 22, 2008
By Michelle7 VINEā„¢ VOICE