Journey into the kaleidoscopic realm of Humanlandscapes, an extraordinary collaboration between physician and photographer P. Miller and poet Peter Crane. In four interconnected sections of arresting images and poems, you will venture into an unforgettable odyssey of the human experience, celebrating beauty, the female mystique, the body and the spirit, and the alluring power of the natural world. The palette of moods captured in this exceptional collection is both captivating and rich and the settings exude a palpable energy that will draw you into each scene. With its passionate exploration of the human experience, Humanlandscapes transports you to places that may look familiar, but are actually ones that you have never known.

The limited edition book comes in a linen protective
book box.
This elegant book was lovingly crafted by an Italian printer using traditional printing methods on custom paper. A gallery edition is also available.

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P Miller’s collection of beautifully arranged photographs highten and highlight our senses and experiences of the human body, particularly the female form. The images are accompanied by insightful and thought-provoking prose. The black and white photographs especially have excellent balance of light and dark. The photographs and text flow effortlessly together and to each other.

This book stands o…

P Miller's wonderful photographic essay of the female body November 6, 2007

3 Responses to “The Book”

  1. DR Williams Says:

    What a truly spectacular treat for the eyes, this art book is. Miller’s images in Humanlandscapes transport us to some of our favorite destinations: Half Moon Bay, Big Sur, Zion National Park, Cottonwood Canyon, to name just a few. The poetry is so well paired with his beautiful and ethereal photographs. My wife and I are beyond impressed with his unique creative ability to capture these beautiful subjects within the natural beauty of our outdoors with such elegant grace, harmony and balance. Inspirational, to say the least.

  2. L. Coppens Says:

    We are celebrants of a sumptuous odyssey as privileged sojourners sharing this artwork called “Humanlandscapes.” It is wondrous work transforming both spirit and soul. The blending of exquisite natural physical destinations with the intensely vibrant natural beauty found in human sculptures, coalesses to bring meaning to both. The meaning lies in the contemplative experiences and the living adventure being a part of this beauty.
    This art is an invitation. An invitation to share in this engaging human journey that swirls and whirls with evocative imagery and collected prose that dissolve boundaries of viewing, reading, and travel with reflective imagery-making it a breathtaking trek!
    Thanks for creating this gift for your fellow life-as-art celebrators!

  3. Bryon Says:

    P Miller spent his career as a physician studying and mastering the mostly internal and unseen world of human biology and physiology. However, his work in Human Landscapes makes it obvious that his appreciation is not limited to the beautiful complexity of the human body, but its collective form as well. In doing this, he presents a treatment of the human body not as a sentient life form, but as a beautiful work of art for us all to admire. Paired with thoughtful prose, and juxtaposition to stunning landscapes, Miller’s work reminds us that we, after all, are just a beautiful part of nature.

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