Travel Photography-Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy is, of course, a unique and picturesque city composed of over 100 islands and is a kaleidoscope of people, canals, bridges, boats, and churches. As do most of the old cities in Italy, it has a long and storied history. The water surrounding the islands served like the walls around the cities in Tuscany, protecting the inhabitants from invaders, thieves, and threats to their treasure and commerce. The city sits on the sediment at the mouth of the Po River and has been slowly sinking as the soil compacts and the wooden supports of the buildings decay. Coupled with a rising sea, Venice is being reclaimed by the very waters that protected her in centuries past.

Joined to the mainland by an elevated railway, there are no cars in venice, and everything and everybody move either by foot or by boat. The “freeway” through town is the Grand Canal in the photo where taxi boats, commercial boats, and gondolas all ply the waters like cars on a LA freeway. The famous Rialto Bridge, St Marks Cathedral, and most of the old palace buildings line the Grand Canal and are susceptible to flooding as time, gravity, and a rising sea attack their foundations.

Venice is a magical place to wander, shop, dine, and absorb the Italian hospitality. May-June or October are somewhat less crowded and make the wandering more reflective. It is in these ancient alleys in the morning and evening that the magic oozes from the walls and the past speaks most clearly.


P. Miller