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Coffee Table Books-Essential Decor

The coffee table, which was profiled in a prior post as a centerpiece of our living and entertainment space, begs to have the proper attire to assume its role as our support furniture and our space to advertise our artistic and cultural interests to our friends. Objects that can enhance this role include flowers, candles, pictures, magazines, books, jewelry, newspapers, and religious or political books. The classy way to add to your decor, however, is to keep the clutter to a minimum, and leave religious and political literature somewhere else. A plant or flowers, a small sculpture and a beautiful book about something you find appealing or care about, is the perfect mix for this piece of furniture. Enter the Coffee Table Book, a piece of visual art to grace your room, and if the conversation is slow, a place to get it started again. The book should be visually large, have a simple but powerful cover, present a subject in a visually appealing way, and be consistent with your personal interests. The images should be easily shared, and not require a lot of reading to get a flavor of the message. Art and photography books that are well done are very good, as are travel books or architectural gems. It can be controversial, but not offensive. It should look inviting–the urge to open and look should be part of the visual and textural presentation. Some recommendations for art books that are excellent and will add spice and interest to your coffee table are as follows. “Life-A Journey Through Time” by Frans Lanting, “Cosmos” by Giles Sparrow, “Genesis” by Sebastiao Salgado, “New Zealand Landscape” by Andris Apse, “Ancient Egypt” by Lorna Oakes and Lucia Gahlin, “A Retrospective” by Galen Rowell, “Sahara” by Paolo Novaresio, “Love-ACelebration in Art and Literature” by Lahr and Tabori, “Opening Up-A Search for Intimate Love” by Victor Gagliardi, “Natural Dance” by Hal Eastman, “The Eternal Body” by Ruth Bernhard, “Sacred Legacy” by Edward S. Curtis, “Jungles” by Frans Lanting, “Eros” by Jane Lahr and Linda Ferrer, “This is Who I Am” by Rosanne Olson, “Bodyscapes” by Jean-Paul Bourdier, “The Essence of Form” by Chris Honeysett, and any large photo book of Ansel Adams or Edward Weston’s photographs. So there, you have a very large list to choose from. I will add my own coffee table book as the ultimate art and conversation piece to add to your living room decor, “Humanlandscapes-Interpreting the Human Form.” Give it as a gift to yourself or to a friend. Your coffee table will approve! P. Miller www.humanlandscapes.com


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