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Faces of Nepal

Nepalese Potter Having spent several weeks in Nepal a year ago, the ongoing devastation and suffering from the recent earthquakes in this beautiful land is more real to me than it would have been otherwise. Now seems like a good time to review and share some of the images of the people and special places that I visited. Nepal is especially vulnerable to a prolonged humanitarian crisis because of the fragile infrastructure, the poverty, the weak government, and a culture of corruption. This on a background of a diverse and multiethnic society makes coordinated recovery challenging at best. Nepal is landlocked, so the inability of the airport runway in Kathmandu to support large aircraft makes the delivery of aid supplies difficult as well. I have been in contact with Anil, a Nepalese guide and he reports very difficult living with a fear of going into buildings because of ongoing earthquakes. The approaching rainy season adds urgency to temporary living structures that are needed before the months and years needed to restore adequate housing. The Nepalese people need the world’s help during the difficult months and years ahead. P. Miller www.humanlandscapes.com

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