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Lady and Hammock-From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

“Lady and Hammock” is a further example, like “Creation,” of the body used as the landscape itself, but in a modified way. For me, the image composition works on many levels, as does the mood. The mood is relaxed and inviting, and the visuals, although complex, are contained within the borders of the image. When viewing a photograph, the eye is drawn first to the brightest spot near the center of the photo. In this case, that is her left shoulder and back, the strongest element which is about 1/3 of the way into the image. Your eye then travels down the hip and leg, up the cloth to the left corner, then down to the face and left hand where it stops. The eye then retraces its former path along the body in a continuous arch. When the eye drops to the floor, the angle of the boards leads your eye back to the body and if your eye goes to the top of the image, the vertical window posts again lead your eye back to the primary focus –the body and it’s beautiful form. By analyzing the parts of the image that draw your eye first, and then the flow from there, it is usually possible to quantify how well the image was designed and how well it holds the viewers attention. I love this image! Taken in an old farmhouse in rural New Mexico during a Steve Anchell Photography Workshop, it is a great example of a pre-visualized image and the wonderful cascade of light across the skin with natural back lighting through a screen or window. P. Miller www.humanlandscapes.com

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