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North Coast Figure 3-from the Humanlandscapes Portfolio

” North Coast Figure 3″ is part of a series of images using special high grain color film to create a subdued yet sensual “painting with light.” The large grain film mutes the sharp edges to create a soft focus effect and the large canvas drapes adds color and texture. The silhouette of the face and lips against the window in the background center the image so that the reclining body is not overly abstract. A wide lens opening provides a very short depth of field, so that the background does not compete with the image focus–which is the face, lips, and shoulder. The breast, hands and legs suggest that she is nude-“Steeped in luxurious tranquility.” In the images I have created, the feeling of relaxation and naturalness is one that speaks to me. The soft focus effect of the film adds both a dreamlike quality and a sensuality. “I would like to be able to take a photo of a dream.”–Helene Cixous The “photo of the dream” is our voyage into our passion and the visual representation of our beliefs. P. Miller Image from the book “Humanlandscapes-Interpreting the Human Form.“

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