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Creation- From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

Passion-the elusive feeling of awe and excitment when everything seems clear and time stands still. How is this feeling found, and how do you act on it? This is a question I have heard asked frequently at art and photography workshops I have attended. The transition from copying someone elses art to creating your own usually involves first identifying that passion from where the art springs, and then giving it a voice to connect with others. I have identified for myself several events that have given me that feeling of awe and excitement that spoke to me in ways I can’t forget. I know I have a passion for nature when my skin feels clammy as I gaze at the majestic Yosemite Valley or wade in the Narrows of the Virgin River in the open air cathedral called Zion National Park. I know I have a passion for the study of medicine and the human body, as I remember the awe and excitement that filled me at I stood at the door of the anatomy lab for the first time and looked at the rows of covered bodies that were going to help me unlock the secrets lying under our skins. So here lies the idea for humanlandscapes, the fusion of the human and the landscape as pieces of a large masterpiece we call creation. In ” Creation”, the body becomes the landscape, (earth) the source of all life. The images in “Humanlandscapes-Interpreting the Human Form” weave the elements of texture and form to look for the truth that lies hidden, just out of reach. P. Miller www.humanlandscapes.com

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