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Waterholes Canyon-From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

“Waterholes Canyon” is another image fron northern Arizona and the slot canyons on the Navajo Nation. Todays note is some thoughts on beauty.

….there is a silent language of our whole being which yearns for art and the beauty from which art comes.—Rollo May

The relationship between art and beauty is one of ongoing controversy, but I believe that when we create beauty, we add to the light of society. Beauty is uplifting, and if we look at the artifacts from all cultures, beauty has always attracted our attention. When we seek to understand other cultures and look to history for answers, it is the art that defines the past and it is the beautiful art that speaks to our soul. I have always been fascinated by beauty, and it is the magnet that draws me to Yosemite and Yellowstone, ZionNational Park and Kings Canyon. I find that in photography, I am not drawn to documentary images as much as to simply capturing beauty. This pursuit of beauty started with landscape photography, but as I found in my medical practice that many women did not view their body as beautiful, I chose to focus my images on a presentation of the body as a beautiful part of a larger created universe.

For me, I can feel the power of beauty. If I stand on a mountain and watched the full moon rise, I am transfixed and transformed. My body and brain feel renewed as my senses drink in the power of this beautiful image.

I am also a big fan of the Egyptians, and have visited at least three King Tut exhibits. I always feel a sense of awe as I gaze at the beautiful creations that were placed in his tomb. Two of the most beautiful things I have had the privilege of seeing anywhere are Tut’s golden funeral mask and the inner coffin, the sarcophagus, made of solid gold. These creations are simply beautiful beyond belief. I am not the only person moved by this beauty, as I will always remember a experience in the Tut exhibit in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. I was with a group of people standing in the center of the room and looking at the golden funeral mask. The room was silent as everyone was awestruck by the glowing mask. I looked to my left an noticed a women, simply transfixed by the beauty, with tears streaming down her cheeks. So is the power of beauty to help us feel positive emotions and this has become the focus of my photographic essay on the body.

Some of these words on beauty are from Ian Robert’s “Creative Authenticity.”

P. Miller

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