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Humanlandscapes was first an idea for sensual art, then a portfolio, and now an art book and art space. The images and commentary for this blog, flows from a celebration of the body, beauty, and the alluring power of the natural world.

P. Miller, a physician, brings to this space a passionate exploration of the physical and emotional fusion that comprises the human experience. The sensual art book, “Humanlandscapes, Interpreting the Human Form,” develops this fusion well through images, text and poetry, and these threads will be followed and expanded in this space.

The human body occupies a place of special beauty in an astonishingly complex and integrated universe. It is a piece of art in itself, begging to be captured on a canvas, as a sculpture, as an etching, or on film or digital imaging. In “Humanlandscapes “, images of the human form are either placed in a larger natural landscape, or become the rolling hills and valleys of the earth itself. The body becomes the voice of beauty, nature, and art. The creative vision, capture, context, and the story behind the picture will be the focus of this art space. “Moonscape”, the first image, captures the emotions well of our small part in the stunning masterpiece we call earth.

P. Miller

Visit Humanlandscapes to see my published sensual art book, “Humanlandscapes – Interpreting the Human Form.”

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