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Human: Having the form of a person
Landscape: The branch of art dealing with the depiction of natural scenery

The Human Landscapes Photo Book is a photographic travelogue exploring the human form.

I have been fascinated by human psychology, physiology and behavior since early childhood. My quest for understanding and experiencing the world led me to a career in medicine, as well as extensive travel in order to “capture” and examine the world through photography. I could then relive my experiences and share them with others

I have traveled in Europe, Africa and America photographing the land and people in a documentary fashion. I have also made numerous underwater dives in Fiji and am certified in underwater photography.

My current passions in photography are the American Southwest and the human form. The Southwest landscape represents the essence of earthly beauty and the human form (figure) is timeless and endlessly fascinating. Using these themes – the landscape and the human form – helps to clarify our connection to the earth.

As a physician, the health and function of the human body are my primary concerns and I use changes in signs and symptoms to understand both health and disease. As a photographer, I record images of the human form to help illustrate its beauty and strength in a photo book. I have found that searching for beauty in many areas of life has kept my passion, curiosity, and creativity alive.

P. Miller

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