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  • Dune at Coral Pink

    We are truly fortunate to have many of the magical places in the world, set aside as parks for everyone to enjoy and share. These set-asides are ofter very special and unique visual feasts. One such place is a Utah State park called The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park located off of US 89 south of Zion National Park--also a magical place. The dunes have formed over centuries of wind and water erosion on the Navajo sandstone producing extremely fine sand that is swept from the south through the Moccasin Gap and deposited in the area of the park. The sand glows a magnificent pink color in the golden glow of the evening sun but is a different color in the morning light or from cloud reflections. The sand, tiny particles of silica, act as a billion tiny mirrors, to create the magical palate of colors. Dunes, formed by the action of water and wind, for me are a metaphor for the binary nature of life, a reminder of the constant change, as well as the timelessness of nature. A reminder the beauty heals and scars can be temporary. ATVs are common on weekends at the dunes and the wheels and tires leave deep tracks that look like scars. It all looks damaged, but then, the wind starts, a storm comes and the sand stirs and swirls, whips and moans, punishes those caught in its wrath. But when it's over the sand--like the snow--restores the world to a pristine and fabulous unscarred beauty. A world of sculptured perfection emerges. Like Mandela in Tibetan Buddhist belief, the beauty is fabulous but transient and therefore needs our full attention and appreciation in each experienced moment. The essential elements recycle to create new life patterns. That is the visual power of the dunes, magnificent, timeless, sculptured, and ever-changing by the forces of wind and water. For me, this is the allure and attraction that calls me to feel and see how the storms in life can lead to a place of renewal.

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