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Faces of Nepal #2

Namaste Visitors to Nepal are often inspired by the unique visuals and the magnificent scenery that are part of this legendary land. Despite the modest size, the country has a very diverse mix of ethnic groups and more than fifty languages and many cultural groups. It is this mix of religious, ethnic, and human culture that makes this area so unique. The Newars are the primary indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley and are thought to be responsible for the classic architecture of brick and carved wood that comprise the World Heritage Sites that were badly damaged in the recent earthquakes. The people of Nepal are very welcoming to visitors and hospitality is embedded in the national culture. The children are taught early to press their hands together in a “namaste” greeting when meeting strangers—as seen in this family in the Pokhara Valley near Lake Phewa Tal. As I mentioned earlier, a Polaroid camera image to give to the family is a gift that cements their friendship–a little something to give back that is meaningful. P. Miller www.humanlandscapes.com

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