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Waiting For You-From the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio

“Waiting For You” – shifts the focus from the beautiful landscape to the body as the object of beauty as introduced in my last blog. I believe it captures the essence very well, as the body is presented against a black and featureless background that isolates it in space. The title–“Waiting For You”–sets the mood as well. The image says, my body is beautiful and I am presenting myself to you for your/my pleasure and enjoyment. I am not ashamed of my body, or of it’s beauty and the pleasure it brings me. Every part is well designed and works to bring me everything I need. It is a good body and I love it.

This image is the first of the presented images to be made in a studio, and moves the focus from the body as a part of nature to a presention of the body as a sensual being. All of our senses are gifts that allow us to experience the world in many different ways. Our bodies are who we are in the world and define us for all of out friends. Our senses bring the world to us and our responses to those stimuli define our life experiences.

“Deep inside the moment, fleeting and eternal, I pause, suspended, restless for the texture of your touch.”

“In the Realm of the Senses” (I am sensual) is the second section of my art book-“Humanlandscapes-Interpreting the Human Form.” In this section I focus more on celebrating a sense of ownership and acceptance of the body as a beautiful and enjoyable house that contains our spirit and through which all of life’s potential successes and pleasures begin.

I feel that most of the images that I am drawn to are generally quite simple with a clear object that catches and holds my eye. A complicated image with too many things in focus tends to confuse me and as such, lacks impact. This image, “Waiting For You,” is very simple–just a body against a black background–but mystery, sensuality, and expectation all leap out to engage my eyes and imagination.

There was quite a break after my last post, as I have been traveling to Cuba and doing medical work in Kenya. I will have images to share from these fascinating places, as well as many more images and blogs from the “Humanlandscapes” portfolio.

P. Miller


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