Amber at Peek-a-Boo


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“Amber at Peek-a-boo” moves us north out of Northern Arizona and into Southern Utah. The Colorado Plateau is filled with many exciting and beautiful things and often hidden from sight are some of nature’s most beautiful creations–the sensuous curves of the slot canyons. These canyons are not easy to find, and most lie in remote areas. Sometimes you could be within a few feet of a gorgeous canyon and not know it is there, as they hide below a cleft in the surface crust.

Southern Utah is simply filled with breathtaking places in a vast and austere landscape. Peek-a-boo canyon lies in the center of The Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument created by President Clinton in September 1996. There are nearly 1.9 million acres of land in this high, rugged, and remote region where multi-hued cliffs run for distances that defy human perspective, and this was the last place in the continental United States to be mapped.

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