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Many places to enjoy the spectacular creations of both man and nature. The northern lake district near the Alps and Switzerland is one of those special places in the world that lives up to it’s hype. Lake Como, the most famous of the large lakes, is especially attractive in the Spring and Fall after the many tourists return to their homes, and leave this celebrity playground to us non-celebrities. The Lake is lined with elegant 19th-century and earlier villas that add to its feeling of splendor. The crowning snow-capped mountains embrace the many small towns that line the lake shores, where the narrow alleys and many churches bring history to life in a personal way. It feels a little like being on a huge movie set, or maybe I should say that Lake Como is the place where movie producers go when they need a place where history and beauty meet. It is very easy to travel around the lake as the water is busy with ferries, hydrofoils, and passenger boats that are like taxis in any urban area. Hop on a train from the central train station in Milan (careful for pickpockets) and head for Sondrio. Get a second class ticket–the seats are fine, and the ride is quite short. Get off at the Varenna-Esino station and you will be at the mid-lake area. walk to the lakeside to the ferry dock, and access to the lake and villages, villas, etc. is yours.

While there, we stayed in Bellagio–across the lake from Varenna. Both of these small towns are magical and special. You will remember your time here, because it is so unique.

This image, taken at dusk, is facing south and taken from the balcony of the Hotel Florence in Bellagio. As I said–it is magical.

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